Imaginary Vacation Location

Well, I didn’t get many guesses from my last set of clues as to the location of my latest imaginary vacation so here are a few more.

I guess it could be any number of places but I have one in mind…which will be revealed shortly.

Okay, here’s your imaginary postcard:

Yes! The Tuscany region of Italy (Arizona-style). And this is where I really was, 42nd Street and E. Indian School Road~La Fontanella, an Italian restaurant that has been there for decades, next-door to a building that houses two restaurants (so far), Cave and Ives Portico Grill, and Sacks, the Art of Sandwicherie, and another building housing a fabric store, The Bernina Collection. I like how the newer buildings complement the older restaurant, giving the area something of a unified look.

8 thoughts on “Imaginary Vacation Location

  1. I was going to guess Rome , but then scrolled down further and saw the answer. Shucks! I think my favorite of the buildings is the fabric store, it just has such a unique design.


  2. As now we know! My guess was way off base. I like how you shared the buildings with us. This mystery made an interesting post of several days.


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