Adios, El Maya

Remember this? My imaginary vacation to the Yucatan in June? A mere month ago? This unusual architecture?

It was an abandoned restaurant, built in 1964, originally called El Maya, although it was a couple of other restaurants/clubs after that.

This is what it looked like then. Now this is what it looks like:

Yup, it’s gone. About 2 weeks after I took those shots, it was torn down. Although it’s not far from where I live, I hadn’t driven in that direction so I didn’t know about it until the granddaughter of the man who built, designed, and originally owned it, Claudio Corral (along with his sons and other family members), left a comment on my blog post. She said the construction manager of the new project located my blog for her as the family did not know the demolition was going to occur and they really had no photos of the original building. She asked if I would send her mine so that she could post them on Facebook for the rest of her family to see. Of course, I was happy to do it and sad for them. It’s too bad they couldn’t have had some of the pieces that her grandfather made. Her aunt also left a comment on that blog post, giving me a little more history of El Maya. I am really happy I took the photos as I had been meaning to for about the last year but never got around to it.

Their family does still own another landmark restaurant in Old Town Scottsdale, Los Olivos, also built by Mr. Corral and his family. It’s very close to where I work so one of these days I’ll take some photos there as it, too, has some very unusual architectural elements.

So, goodbye, El Maya, a landmark on a busy intersection for almost 50 years.

I’m sure all of you who have blogs have been contacted now and then about some of your photos that interest or mean something to other people. I’ve had a few incidents like that occur and it has always pleased and flattered me and made me happy I have a blog. How about you, do you have any interesting stories you’d like to share about people who have found your photos through your blogs?