High Times

This is the happier cat post I promised after the sad one of a few days ago. Cats are creatures of habit and like their routines so, on Sundays, our 3 indoor cats get high! Google, being the youngest, enjoys his Cosmic Catnip with wild abandon.

Abbey is more dignified and prefers to enjoy hers in her “special” place in the family room, behind the curtains, while the boys stay in the living room.

Marbles eats his and passes out, contentedly.

Google’s not happy until he’s overindulged himself, followed by an attack of the munchies and a short nap. And that’s how Sundays go around here.

This following photo makes me laugh. Marbles, our 13 year old cat, is probably a normal-sized cat, weighing in at a little over 8 pounds. Google, our 3 year old cat, is a teensy bit larger, at over 17 pounds, but he’s not even fat. Really!

Abbey would like you to know that she weighs in at a (not so) sleek 10 plus pounds and she is a little “short for her weight,” as Tony refers to her.