Yellow is for Sunny

The above photo is from a basket of flowers that I got from my (other) boss. I have more than one boss and they’re all very nice (all 3 of them). Only one reads this blog, though. 🙂 I love textures and rounded corners currently.

“Yellow to match your sunny disposition,” said one of my co-workers. And then they all laughed…whatever that means. “A Leo’s problem becomes everyone’s problem.” Tony laughed when I read that to him…whatever that means. Yes, I’m a Leo, those flowers were for my birthday a couple days ago.

Here is a common sight in the Phoenix area:

I’d rather have my job, I think. This was around the corner from me.

A fig tree in another neighbor’s yard.

It rained a few days ago…for the second time since spring. It’s very dry here.

3 thoughts on “Yellow is for Sunny

  1. Happy birthday! That very pretty basket of flowers was very thoughtful!

    I miss the palm trees, but not necessarily the trimming of them. I didn’t actually mind the trimming part, but getting rid of the fronds I did mind.


  2. I like the flowers and they were so good for your special occasion. The guy hanging on the tree with the saw looks a bit precarious…but he probably an expert at this.


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