Day Trippers

I’ve said I love textures. But I don’t like to have to use them because the photos aren’t very good. Well, that is the case here. We went up to Payson, a mountain town about 85 miles from our house, on Saturday, to visit my friend, Joyce, and her husband, Ron, who have just moved back after six years in Wyoming. It was a cloudy day and I rarely get good cloudy day photos. This was no exception.

Joyce and Ron have birdfeeders all over their property and there were a ton of birds, mostly goldfinches, which I rarely see in Phoenix so I would have liked some nice shots. But they flew off every time I got sort of close so these photos were taken inside…on an overcast day…through a window (albeit very clean windows). So the first and third have a little Photoshop (Elements) help. Can you see all six finches above?

Some flora in and around their yard (clockwise from left~century plant, orange trumpet vine~click to see the bees loving them, sunflowers, juniper berries):

Their rustic doorway:

One of the views from their house:

It was considerably cooler in Payson than Phoenix but it was very humid so it didn’t feel as cool as I would have liked. As we were leaving, it was finally a refreshing 77 degrees with a nice breeze, but it was time to head back down the hill to the Phoenix heat.

We had fun but my photos suck! We’ll be back when it’s cool and sunny.


5 thoughts on “Day Trippers

  1. I love the photo of all the finches! Also liked the century plant and the trumpet-vine. I miss them! Wonder if I would even recognize Payson now, it’s been so long. One of my nephews is buying a house there on the Verde.


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