Fun with Cats

Poor Romeo got stuck in our pine tree today. I heard some desperate meowing and looked up, not expecting it to be him. He’s our next-door neighbors’ cat but he seems to like the canned food we serve better than whatever he gets at home so he is here usually.

See that black blob halfway up?

He made it down a few minutes later, falling the last 10 feet or so. He seemed a little stunned but uninjured. Romeo gets along with most of our outdoor cats except Svengali. Since WB died, Svengali has sort of assumed cat-in-charge position but not as loyally or sweetly as WB did. He still leaves during the day for hours at a time. Svengali has long fur that was matted badly in the back. A few weeks ago, he had a spa day and got his hindquarters shaved. It looks pretty silly from certain angles.

Grady is a feral outdoor kitty that is becoming tamed. She likes to be petted a little bit now and laid down and let me pet her this morning. See her tipped ear? Most of our ferals are ear-tipped and a couple of other non-ferals, too, but the vet forgot to do 2 of them while they were being neutered/spayed.

And then there’s her sister, Stripey, who has actually let me pick her up a couple times but other times won’t come near us. Click on Stripey’s photo below to animate her. I did my first animated gifs today, very primitive as you will see since I only had two photos to use and didn’t use a tripod. The key: a tripod.

Haha. I can’t seem to slow the looping down either. I did it in Photoshop Elements 9, very simple. Do you have any pointers? Want to see another? Click on Abbey below for her animation. This one might make you dizzy. That green stuff by her back feet is catnip and the wall is dirty because she lays against it all the time (how embarrassing!).

Yes, a tripod next time, for sure. And here is Google, just looking silly, with no animation.


3 thoughts on “Fun with Cats

  1. A fine kitty series. I like how you describe each cat with its unique behavior and background. The world of cats is always a very interesting one with their strong personalities. Nice post.


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