If you’ve been there or seen pictures of it, you know this is Sedona, Arizona. “God created the Grand Canyon but He lives in Sedona.” I always think about that every time I see Sedona again. There’s no other place that looks like it…so RED.

We went on another road trip last Friday, less than two weeks after our last road trip to Payson. We always say we should visit the beautiful closeby places in Arizona more often and then wind up going about once a year. Well, maybe we’ve turned over a new leaf…hopefully. The destination of this trip was really to re-visit Cottonwood but, once we were there, knowing we were only 16 miles from Sedona, it was too hard to resist. We drove through Sedona a couple of years ago but we hadn’t stopped and spent any time there in awhile.

This is Bell Rock below:

All of the red rocks are fragile.

This is how red it is.

This is Cathedral Rock below. Both Cathedral Rock and Bell Rock are energy vortices (although they refer to them as vortexes in Sedona).

There are a lot of wealthy (and famous) people who have homes in Sedona. You can see some of them scattered about the landscape above. If I had the $$, I would have a house there, too. But this is not your typical Sedona home (below) and I guess it has caused an uproar in Sedona. From the gorgeous Chapel of the Holy Cross, a big tourist destination, this is now one of the views and is more the topic of conversation than the actual chapel. Click to see all the opulence.

It supposedly has 44,000 square feet of living space, its own observatory, lush gardens and waterfalls, a koi pond on the left, and cost $24 million to build. It was briefly on the market for $29 million but I think the original owner still resides there. He is a Romanian who holds numerous European and U.S. patents for medical devices. Can you say “conspicuous consumption”? Something about the fact of its location makes it offensive (to me), although I understand if you have that kind of money, you’d want a house in a beautiful location, too. At least the color is right but the style isn’t and it just seems “over the top” (in my opinion).

I hope it won’t be too boring but I have plenty more Sedona photos to post that will show up in the next few days.


9 thoughts on “Red!

  1. Very nice series of photos, Candace! Thanks! I loved Sedona in the 70’s and 80’s, but the last photo illustrates why I could never return there; it would be too sad.


  2. I like seeing the intense “reds” of Sedona again. Nice series taking us along on your sightseeing trip. The huge home seems way over the line! Nice post. I’ll look forward to more Sedona pictures.


  3. What beautiful country and photos! I love the southwest. Although a job transfer brought us back to the Midwest, we still own land by Moab, UT. Looking forward to winters in that red rock country! My husband is hoping for an early retirement 🙂


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