And More Red

I found this old postcard of Cathedral Rock while we were in Sedona last week so I scanned it. Okay, not really, but you probably knew that. It’s another of my old postcard creations, using texture and rounded edges, that I find so entertaining. Okay, here are a few more Sedona pics. I have the feeling that they sort of all look the same to any viewer after awhile so, after this post, I’ll take a little Sedona break before I post any more.

This is Courthouse Butte below.

Can you see the Eagle Rock above? Here it is, closer, naturally-occurring:

The clouds did cooperate that day.

See the rock formations on the right-hand side of the above photo?

Here they are, in the middle, a little larger. And here they are, below, closer-up.

The two large ones, together, are called the Two Sisters. The one to the left of those is Madonna and Child.

I could never get tired of looking at all of the red rocks…I think. But you might be so we will revisit Sedona a little later.

Well, okay, one more…

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