And More Red

I found this old postcard of Cathedral Rock while we were in Sedona last week so I scanned it. Okay, not really, but you probably knew that. It’s another of my old postcard creations, using texture and rounded edges, that I find so entertaining. Okay, here are a few more Sedona pics. I have the feeling that they sort of all look the same to any viewer after awhile so, after this post, I’ll take a little Sedona break before I post any more.

This is Courthouse Butte below.

Can you see the Eagle Rock above? Here it is, closer, naturally-occurring:

The clouds did cooperate that day.

See the rock formations on the right-hand side of the above photo?

Here they are, in the middle, a little larger. And here they are, below, closer-up.

The two large ones, together, are called the Two Sisters. The one to the left of those is Madonna and Child.

I could never get tired of looking at all of the red rocks…I think. But you might be so we will revisit Sedona a little later.

Well, okay, one more…

Update: This post was Freshly Pressed on 9.26.11! Thank you, WordPress.


81 thoughts on “And More Red

  1. I enjoyed your series featuring the red rock of Sedona. I liked your near and far shots of some of the features. Nicely done. Have a great rest of the weekend.


    1. Steve, I don’t know what it is, I was hoping someone might ID it. You may certainly be right, it was growing wild. I just looked it up, that sure looks exactly like it and that species does grow in that area. Thanks for the ID.


  2. Did you see the church that is built right into the rocks? it’s pretty amazing! I used to live in AZ and loved to head up to Sedona for day trips. If you go to the Red Rock Cafe, get their fried mushrooms….SO yummy!!!


  3. I visited AZ this past Feb for the first time and included Sedona in the trip. Magical, indescribable, jaw-dropping — the words haven’t been formed yet that apply. I want to climb into your photos — thanks for posting and please put up more, more, more!


  4. So beautiful!! These pics are making me miss Arizona so much. I have traveled there a couple times and can’t get enough of it. I am an artist and have a couple Arizona paintings including one of my Sedona paintings on my site. You can take a look by following my link. Thanks for sharing your pictures. Cheers, Brooke


  5. i’m a minister and did a photo sermon sunday, using pics from zion national park. kind of wish i’d found these before then! maybe next time…sedona is one of the most spectacular and inspiring places in the world. and i don’t make it up nearly often enough


  6. I especially like your last paragraph – and I did start a blog – two in fact – just a few months ago! I always write letters to my children at Christmas – sometimes more often, but at least once a year. They know their letters will be in their stockings! Probably wouldn’t do anything you said not to – just a little bit inhibited! But that’s just me. Congratulations on being freshly pressed!


  7. So glad you linked this to your newest FP. I can see why you’ve been pressed twice, beautiful!! Like you I love the scenery in that area. I look forward to looking around more and seeing your future posts too.


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