While Away

Do you ever spend hours whiling away your time playing with your photos? I just did. This wasn’t even a photo I especially liked but I spent so much time with it that I felt I should post some of the results. These are all just using one texture layer (Kim Klassen’s Sweet Treat Sample) with different types of opacity. I like #3, where I used luminosity (its tonal ranges remind me of a fine platinum print as opposed to a regular gelatin silver print), and #4, where I used color burn, best.


I wasn’t planning to animate that but when I woke up this morning I had dreamt that I did (of all stupid things to dream about) so I felt I should.


9 thoughts on “While Away

  1. Very interesting experimental work with the different processes. It’s a good thing to do for future reference and for the next picture you wish to modify. Nice post.


  2. very cool! that’s a great idea… i never thought about using the same photo, but animating through different processes. i like it!

    beautiful flower, too!

    thanks for adding the link to the party today!

    {btw… strange how you have to click on it in order to see the animation. i wonder why.}


  3. oh, by the way… savannah is me {georgia}. i used the name that i would have named my baby if i had had a girl when i created a wordpress account. i thought it would let me change it, but it’s not…


  4. it took me a bit to figure out the moving picture…but what a surprise when i did! i really like the effect of using the same photo with different edits…reminds me of the changing seasons : )


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