Los Olivos

One of the historic sites in Old Town Scottsdale is Los Olivos Mexican Patio. Not only is the restaurant known for its delicious traditional Mexican food but also for its unique architecture.

From a distance you can see that it’s colorful but not until you are right there do you notice all the unusual aspects of the building.

This guy will greet you.

Los Olivos is owned by the Corral family, who have been in Scottsdale since the early 1900s from what I have read of Scottsdale history:

1917: Cotton farming becomes very important to the community during World War I. Mexican immigrant families are sponsored to help in the cotton fields. The Tomas Corral family is one of the first Mexican families to arrive in Scottsdale. Mr. Corral opens an adobe brickyard near where the Center for the Arts now stands. During the Depression, Mrs. Corral sells tamales door to door. Today, the Corral family owns Los Olivos Patio Restaurant on the corner of Second Street and Wells Fargo. It is named for the olive trees that were on Second Street.

See all the skylights on this one section? That room is very blue on the inside, hence it’s called the Blue Room 🙂 And just above it, on the roof, slightly blocked by the mesquite tree, is a green creature. I’m not sure what it is but it seems like some sort of sea animal to me.

Maybe you remember a couple of recent posts I made about a former landmark restaurant in Phoenix called El Maya, which was~strangely~demolished a few days after I made my blog post. That restaurant, also, had some very distinct architectural elements. At that time, as I mentioned in the second post, I was contacted by a grandaughter of the man who had originally built it, Claudio Corral. She was interested in putting my photos on her Facebook page so the rest of her family would have a remembrance of El Maya. It was she who told me that Los Olivos was also built by her grandfather and other family members and that it still remains a family-owned business today. Since I work right by Los Olivos, one afternoon a few weeks ago, I stopped by after work to take these photos.

This is Los Olivos’ trademark:

Some mosaics:

This is a memorial honoring a member of the Corral family who died a few years ago.

Here are some other interesting sights around the premises.

If you live in the area, you have probably been to and enjoyed Los Olivos, and if you visit Scottsdale, you really should experience Los Olivos.

And even though it’s tempting…


7 thoughts on “Los Olivos

  1. Thanks again Candace! I actually got to ride on that head that is now up on the roof of Los Olivos in one of the first Parada del Sol parades.


  2. A series with which to share this famous and beautifully designed restaurant. I liked the variety of views you took with interesting close ups too. I would love to try their food one day. Fine series, well photographed!


  3. This place is beautiful! I can’t believe I’ve never been there. Oh, wait, it’s probably because I do my best to avoid Scottsdale. Maybe I should give it a try for Los Olivos…


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