Mas Calaveras

The other day as we were driving over to see the Valley of the Sunflowers field, Tony said, “There’s a new mural.” I knew right away that it was done by Lalo Cota since it features his unmistakable calaveras which I have blogged about before. Here’s a collage I did last year featuring several of them, scattered about the downtown Phoenix area.

Sometimes Lalo collaborates with Thomas Breeze and/or Pablo Luna. I was excited to see a new one on the front of Tacos de Juarez (authentic Mexican food) and I know there are a couple more around town, too, that I will blog about soon. It’s great to be photographing a few more murals again and we’re coming up on the best time of year to be walking around colorful downtown Phoenix with a camera.

I didn’t see any signatures so I’m not sure if he did the rooster, too.

Stay tuned for some new and updated murals…


9 responses to “Mas Calaveras

  1. Cool! I always enjoy your photos of the murals!

  2. I like your series that concentrates on one artist you come to know so well. Excellent series. I’d like some of that authentic Mexican food!

  3. What fun to have so much color in your town! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love the rooster!

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  8. would like to talk to you can you call me 210-409-5970 juan

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