NoMoJoe Tequilya. If you live in the Phoenix area, you know what that means and who these calaveras represent (and you might know even if you don’t live here). And I concur.

This mural on Roosevelt Row is by Lalo Cota, who I wrote about~again~a few days ago and his sometime collaborator, Thomas Breeze Marcus. I’ve photographed this building before. This is what it looked like a year ago:

You can see that some of the roses and part of the background remain the same.

Over to the left, under the billboard, this is the mural on the side of eye lounge this month.

This mural changes every First Friday (except in the summer) and is always done by Joe Pagac, who you can watch paint amidst the crowds. This is what it looked like about a year ago:

And below is what it looked like about 6 months ago. This performance wall is commissioned by Stateside Presents, a concert and event promoter. So it’s a good gig for Joe Pagac.

More to come…


10 thoughts on “NoMoJoe

  1. Oh wow, that mural is really great! I can’t believe I haven’t seen it yet…I drive down Roosevelt almost every single day! I guess we overlook the familiar sometimes.

    The title of the mural cracked me up. What a sad state of affairs we live in…literally 😦 And I loved the unicorn/rainbow mural on the side of the Eye Lounge – it’s such a thrill to watch it change!


  2. A fine series. It’s interesting how the artist can re-use some of the previous mural in creating a brand new look. The on-going murals changed so often is a remarkable arrangement. I glad someone supports such repeated art work.


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