I ♥ WordPress

This is purple sage in our neighbors’ yard.

On Monday I made Freshly Pressed on WordPress! As Explored is to Flickr, Freshly Pressed is to WordPress. It was very exciting and my stats shot way up for 2 days and now they’re back to normal.

The post they chose was over a month old and was from our Sedona day trip so I don’t know how that became the one they picked. But it was fun and I appreciate it.

And, from that trip, here is a stereograph (or wiggle 3D) to celebrate.



11 thoughts on “I ♥ WordPress

  1. Good Morning Candace,

    Congrats to you! It is always wonderful to be recognized and you deserved it! Your sage captures are very striking also – some of your best shots:)

    Happy weekend to you,


  2. Candace congratulations, being FP’ed is so awesome!! In Sep I went to Sedona & wish I’d read your post before, so that I’d know the names of the beautiful rocks that we saw! And especially to look for Eagle Rock!! I’m sharing your blog with my family members who were with me. Love the animation!


  3. well, it looks like you had beautiful weather on this trip. the moving picture is fun, and the photo is beautiful! thanks for adding your link address in the comments : )


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