It’s October!

To about 95% of the people in central Arizona, October means one thing: the end of this miserable heat is in sight! August and September were unseasonably warm, having many days over 110, and it’s still over 100 most days now but the nights and mornings are more pleasant and later this week it’s supposed to be 76 for the high!

I got my hibiscus plant (above) last October and it’s been the source of much joy (to me) and the subject of many photos. The photo above is from last May, before it got excruciatingly hot and when it was in its glory, having recovered from a couple of winter frosts (even though I covered it, it still got damaged a little). This one is from the same May day when it had many buds and many blooms:

Hibiscus plants are tropical plants that like the sun but they don’t like temperature extremes and dryness, which we have had for months now. This is what my plant looks like today:

The leaves are not as green and lush. It drops yellow leaves daily; it hasn’t had a bud or bloom in a couple months. It’s sick of the heat and can’t take it anymore! It wants to be pretty again and the object of a camera’s affection like it was before the summer took its toll.

It should survive but it will take it a little while, once the weather is decent, to regain its lushness and proliferous blooms.


I found this humorous poem called Hibiscus by Roger A. Ochs:

You don’t belong
in my New England garden
dressed up like a hooker
at a Methodist convention.

Your curves — too sensual
your colors — too vibrant
you make the daisies blush
with your sexual impropriety

You don’t belong
but I planted you
because, in gardens,
as in life,
a bit of the tawdry
is taste-full

That is how my hibiscus wants to feel again.


9 thoughts on “It’s October!

  1. I love hibiscus and your photos of it are beautiful. A friend of ours gave me a birthday present of one a couple of years ago and I have it in our sitting room – and it’s been flowering all the time. It’s great! It’s got light from three windows yet is sheltered.


  2. A very interesting and informative post on how difficult it is to maintain certain flowers in summer’s heat. The big blossom is gorgeous when enlarged! Fantastic image.


  3. I remember October there being a great month, and have memories of a little rain on Halloween many times, and how a jacket felt good when I took the out trick-or-treating. You really had a hot summer this year!


  4. Lovely blooms …. and lovely words ! Here October is time to go indoors and revisit that cozy corner of the living room with a book and a hot beverage ! I envy your winters.


  5. hahaha… that poem cracked me up. clever. i love hibiscus! there are so many hibiscus shrubs in florida where my in-laws live, and i love to take pictures of them. sometimes they are difficult to photograph, because the saturation is so much. but now that i know my camera a little better, i’m hoping to set the settings to account for that and, thus, get a better more true-to-life photo of them. i’ll have that chance when we go visit them soon!

    thanks, again, for the link-up! always a pleasure to have your animations. i look forward to when you make a new one! the possibilities are endless, because really, we can animate any old thing! and you don’t even always have to use the tripod! sometimes it’s the spontaneous ones without tripods that turn out best!


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