Calle 16 Revisited

I wrote about the huge mural project, Calle 16 last January. The other day after spending time in downtown Phoenix, I pulled into the alley full of murals, behind several businesses on 16th Street. I had seen photos of the mural of the woman on the left so she is who I was looking for but I didn’t know about the large mural on the right.

If you’ve seen many of the murals I’ve photographed you probably know who this is by…Lalo Cota, along with Thomas Breeze Marcus. Lalo seems to be the most prolific muralist in town currently and is getting a lot of commissioned work which is really nice.

I’m assuming this mural is also at least partially done by Lalo, too. I’ve seen the sombrero UFOs in another piece he did on his Facebook page. The Phoenix skyline is in the background as well as the design of the Arizona State flag. Lalo is definitely brightening Phoenix up and not just downtown, but all over.


10 thoughts on “Calle 16 Revisited

  1. That mural work is so creative and well done. I admire anyone who can size up a huge wall and create art work that keeps its scale accurate. Nice post.


  2. they look very great, colorful cheerful and made with a good taste! No more grey and boring streets!

    (thanks a lot for your comments, I always appreciate them a lot!)

    Have a nice weekend dear Candace! Big hug,


  3. Thanks for sharing these! I really love the idea of colorful art on this scale. There are some murals in a town about an hour from where I live, but in contrast to these…. well, they are pale, uncreative, and photographic looking. You are fortunate to have these beauties to enrich your urban environment!
    As always, thank you for stopping by. I always appreciate your kind comments and insights!
    Happy weekend 🙂


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