Grady and the Hummers

This is Grady, one of our (currently) 8 outdoor cats, formerly feral but becoming tamer, this morning after breakfast.

“You’re not trying to catch those poor hummingbirds, are you, Grady?”

“I’m just looking, Mom, really, and here comes one now.”

“I’m faster than that cat up there.”

Check out the tail wiggle.

A couple of disapproving onlookers…

There were at least 3 hummingbirds flying around.

Not one of the better shots but I like her little feet.

Grady is now out of the tree, sleeping in one of her hiding spots, and the hummers are all still flying around and eating. Thanks for the closest shots of them I’ve ever gotten, Grady.

“I told you I was just gonna look.”


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