Autumn in CenPho

It finally became autumnly beautiful in Phoenix. The downside is I had to work until almost 6 every night so when I got home, it was too dark to take any photos. That is one of the drawbacks of winter in our hemisphere, I guess.

My hope is to get some festive Halloween, or better yet~Day of the Dead~shots this weekend to post next time. I have a couple but that’s just not enough for such a fun (and spooky) time of the year.

So meanwhile, I took a walk around my yard for these fall shots in urban Phoenix, where we don’t have a “typical” autumn.

Remember I was lamenting about my beloved hibiscus (a mere 26 days ago) not looking so good after a miserably hot summer? Well, just a few days of cooler weather and the yellow leaves are gone, there is a lot of new green growth, and buds!!!!

A remnant of its former self…

Also a remnant of its former self is one of our 2 remaining silk oaks. This one has a lot of character but may not survive too much longer.

Nothing better than having a friend to enjoy a fine fall day with…

Or finding a quiet, sun-dappled spot amid some crunchy leaves to take an early afternoon nap…


5 thoughts on “Autumn in CenPho

  1. When I lived in the Queen Creek area, Halloween was my favorite holiday. It was so much fun taking the kids around the loop that we lived on for “trick-or-treat”, and getting to talk to all of the other parents at the same time.


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