Don’t apples just scream “Autumn”? Especially honeycrisp apples, “explosively crisp.”

Did you know they’ve only existed since 1991 when the University of Minnesota developed them by cross-pollinating the Macoun and Honeygold varieties? “The best, most exciting apple we’ve ever introduced,” says Jim Luby, University of Minnesota.

I found all sorts of “Odes to Honeycrisps” online as well as this haiku by Pepin Heights, a honeycrisp grower:

Juice drips from my chin
It’s Honeycrisp time again
I smile as I crunch

The first time I ever had honeycrisps was just a little over 2 years ago while back in the midwest at Calderwood Farms in Berrien Springs, MI, and now I look forward to them as a symbol of fall and because they’re the best and crunchiest apples I’ve ever had.


They certainly seem to inspire people.

(*Lunares Medium Mela Bowl)

Oh, and did you know this?

Steve Jobs worked summer jobs at a California apple farm. He also liked the Beatles and their label, Apple Records. When he and Steve Wozniak tried to come up with a company name, they decided that if they couldn’t think of anything better by the end of the day, they’d go with the name “Apple”. And they couldn’t, so they did.

6 thoughts on “Honeycrisps

  1. Yesterday I got apples at the grocery store, stocked up on 4 new crop flavors including the Honey Crisps! Another fave is the Pink Lady, if you have it where you live, you should try it. And I want to add, this is the time of year that I miss living in Michigan the most … Apple Cider time ! Even tho we live so close to the Washington apple growers and the Hood River fruit growers, there is nothing like the freshly pressed cider we used to sip at Porters !


  2. I haven’t seen those apples. They a little like the old speckled apples we have around here. That was an interesting anecdote about the Apple company name. It certainly worked!


  3. I just had a friend over the other day and he was going on and on and ON about honeycrisps (I’d never tried one). I bought a few at Safeway after that just to give it a whirl.

    Oh man. There is no other apple of my eye now.


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