Urban Walk

It almost looks like I’m out in a grassy meadow.

But I was in Steele Indian School Park today. It’s a 75 acre park in the heart of midtown Phoenix and is the site of the former (and controversial) Phoenix Indian School, started in 1891, where Native American children were schooled until the 1980s. Many of the original buildings are still there so there is a lot of local history.

From the green-barked palo verdes to the white barked (um, I don’t know what they are…birch? aspen?) trees…

…It almost looks like autumn. There were even crunchy leaves underfoot.

I think this WPA plaque must have been a part of something else at the Indian School originally as this dam was not there; the bricks look old, too.

It was a perfect Phoenix fall day, complete with fluffy clouds and clean crisp air after the other night’s rain.

For another post I did of this park over 2.5 years ago with photos of the old school buildings, see here.


4 thoughts on “Urban Walk

  1. This site looks like a beautiful place for a stroll! Your weather looks lovely, too – makes me envious, as snow is expected here today 😦 Your aspen (birch?) shot is my fav. Very nice!


  2. A fine series of this interesting place with all the history. It has such nice features of interest to us photographers too. Nice place to get some good shots…which you did.


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