From Brown to Green to…

Yellow! Well, not quite yet. Yes, this is another update on Valley of the Sunflowers, my favorite local project right now, in the heart of downtown Phoenix. You can see my September shots, when the field was being readied for planting, and my October shots, soon after the seeds were sown, and compare them with my November shots, the other day, right here.

Look! It’s a field of green.

See how tall some of them are already?

That’s Bioscience High School in the background where the students will be using the sunflower oil to make biodiesel fuel for their hybrid vehicle.

The sunflowers in this post are from across the street at Roosevelt Growhouse, a community garden. Kenny Barrett, a local artist who started the Growhouse, was the driving force behind Valley of the Sunflowers.

And soon there should be a lot of these at Valley of the Sunflowers:

*Oh, and unfortunately, their Kickstarter did not raise enough money so was not funded 😦


8 thoughts on “From Brown to Green to…

  1. Here in the SF Bay Area, we’ve had weeks of foggy mornings. Today, however, I woke up and the sun was shining! After church, I went out to count bees for the first time. I didn’t note the day the first leaf appeared, or the day the first flower bloomed, but I did notice lots of bees today! I went out to the garden to pick a tomato and all the sunflowers had bees. I’m very excited about this project.


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