All Aboard

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How cool, I never tried this slideshow feature before! I didn’t even know it existed. These are images taken on Monday, 11/14, on the Verde Canyon Railroad. I took about 150 photos, deleted about 50 due to blur or boring-ness, and weeded this slideshow down to a mere 22.

If you’re ever in Arizona looking for a fun day trip, try this train ride. You get to see landscapes that you might not normally see and you might even see the bald eagles nesting. This time we did not see them but we have on previous rides. Nevertheless, it’s a very enjoyable 4 hour experience and we Phoenicians even got to see some autumn colors. You board the train at Clarkdale and travel to Perkinsville, population 9, where the engine is reversed and you head back to Clarkdale. You go over trestles, through a tunnel, see Indian ruins, mountains, the Verde Canyon, and have the option of sitting in the enclosed cars or spending time in the open-air cars (which is a lot more fun, in my opinion). It was a perfect fall day and we had a great time.

I’ll show you a few more photos from this trip at a later date.


8 thoughts on “All Aboard

  1. Beautiful. I’ve never done this either. I think I might have to! 🙂
    Thank you for sharing, cool slides show feature! 🙂


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