Slice of Life

These condos always intrigue me when I drive by them. Phoenix is not your typical big city; we don’t have a huge downtown area full of skyscrapers nor do we have a lot of apartments/condos in big multi-story buildings so this is not a common sight here. Residing in an 8-story dorm at Purdue University a few decades ago is the closest I’ve ever come to living this way. I understand there are many amenities and that a lot of people would rather live in a condo than a house, and these particular condos are not cheap, but I still find it fascinatingly strange to think of living in a building like this.

“In the heart of the historic central corridor, the best of mid-century chic meets the best of urban living. Landmark on Central offers an eclectic mix of modern and vintage flair with a 17-story tower of condominiums overlooking the skyline. Originally opened in 1963, the building has been grandly renovated to play up its architectural highlights including floor to ceiling windows opening onto panoramic balconies.” In fact, back in 1963, when this building, originally apartments, was built, it was the highest structure in Phoenix.

I always wonder if I enlarge photos like this if I will see something I wasn’t meant to see like in Blow-Up or Rear Window.

Hope so…

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(Photo by Universal Studios – © Universal Studios – All Rights Reserved)

5 thoughts on “Slice of Life

  1. I can not for the life of me picture where this is. I am vaguely familiar with the Historic District, I am not often down there, although I did live in the area for a bit. Major cross-streets?
    By the way, Rear Window is one of my favs. Have seen it many times. (Have you seen the remake? Not as good, of course, but not horrible) Don’t think I’ve seen Blow-Up…
    Thanks for this. 😀 I enjoyed it.


    1. Zoe, it’s on Central and a couple blocks south of Camelback so it’s not really downtown, more uptown. I don’t know if that’s technically a historic district or not. Yes, I saw the remake of Rear Window, good, but I preferred the original, too. You should see Blow-Up, it’s a classic photography movie 🙂


  2. We have these developing along the downtown portion of the Spokane River. They are very expensive. I always wonder where these folks go to the grocery store which in my case is miles away. Nice shots and great ending! 🙂


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