Like almost everyone else this time of year, I go to work when it’s just getting light and when I get home, it’s almost dark. Add in the hustle of the upcoming holidays~shopping, addressing, wrapping, decorating, partying~and there isn’t much time~or light~for photography.

Lately, on several blogs I visit, the photobloggers have been using their new 50mm lenses. Well, I can’t afford the $400+ Nikon 50mm f/1.4 or really even the 50mm f/1.8, especially when I still have the original lens from my original film Nikon. I still have the camera, too, and I always loved it. One of these days, I’ll shoot some film again and compare it to my D80. But meanwhile, I’m hoping that having my old 50mm f/1.8 on my camera will give me a little more time in the day to take advantage of dimming, available light, and also help me to learn my camera better. I seldom use the auto focus feature but I do rely on the program mode too often. When I used to shoot film, I shot only manual or aperture-priority. Now, with this old lens on my D80, I have to shoot manual but at least I know right away if the exposure is off and can grab another chance. And being able to fix it in post-processing makes it handy, too.

I always liked this lens when it was on my Nikon FG, it seemed extra-sharp (if you click on the images, they look much sharper), and I’m glad to be using it again. Plus it does make the camera so much lighter and using a prime lens takes all the necessity of making a focal length choice away. Seems kind of purer…and I’m hoping to get some awesome bokeh.


7 responses to “50mm

  1. Nice and sharp! You will enjoy using that lens!

  2. StrangeLittleGirl Photography

    Very Sharp, which is great for prints and shrinking them into thumbnails. Love that Oak shot

  3. It took the enlargement to fully appreciate the excellence of your prime lens. I too have that lens and they are hard to beat. Fine shots with top-flight detail. I hope you do try some film again. I’ve thought of shooting and developing my own and then scanning to produce a digital image, but the tank is stored…and…..but when?

  4. Those are two very artistic shots. Just beautiful!

  5. I really admire people that really know how to take a good shot. I used to have to take photos as part of my job but I really just winged it and tried to use all the automatic help I could find. it really is an art form best left to people like yourself.

  6. Guten Abend.
    Schöner Blog.
    Freundliche Grüße aus Deutschland.

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