1 Hat, 3 Cameras, 3 Cats

Marbles with the Nikon D80.

Google with the Olympus fe-4020.

Abbey with the Casio Exilim EX-S200.

…All culminating (after the last photo) in a minor trauma involving bushy tails, hissing, growling, chasing, coughing, and cat barfing. All is now well after a brief timeout, cleanup, and some treats.


5 responses to “1 Hat, 3 Cameras, 3 Cats

  1. Google has such a, “I’m ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille” look 🙂

  2. Maybe Abbey would have been happier snapped with an Olympus (clue in the name maybe?) or Nikon. I know I would. At least it wasn’t a ubiquitous Canon…

  3. It’s amazing that they are so hat-tolerant! Cute shots!

  4. Fine shots all! Treats are the magic elixir for soothing ruffled kitty’s feelings! 🙂 Fine images with a variety of equipment illustrating once again that the picture is all that counts.

  5. I know I am behind (in fact my Christmas Tree is still shining brightly in my living room, a bit wilty tho )

    Love this little photo essay ~

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