It’s 2012!

Let’s hope it’s a year which will…

Here’s a slideshow of Dale Chihuly‘s dazzling glass sculpture installation, Desert Towers, which is part of the permanent collection at Phoenix’s Desert Botanical Gardens.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Happy New Year to everyone!

If you think the Mayans might be on to something, you can countdown on my Mayan End of Calendar page, listed in the sidebar, under “Pages.”


11 thoughts on “It’s 2012!

  1. Those sculptures are sure interesting! As far as the Mayan predictions, well, their civilization didn’t turn out so well for them and I will be very surprised if their predictions will either.


  2. Dear Candace, I wish you a very happy new year and best wishes for you and your family in 2012!!


    Wonderful designs! At first I thought that it was a desert plant for real, wonderful creation!


  3. I love these sculptures and can you believe I’ve never been there!! I know, I know…. I need to go see them for myself!
    Thank you for sharing.


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