Coffee Break

I’ve been on a little blog break for a few days because I have the lingering crud that seems to be going around here. I missed a couple days of work and don’t remember a lot of last week but I think I’m coming back to the land of the living soon…


9 responses to “Coffee Break

  1. Glad to hear you’re on the mend!

  2. I hope you get back on your feet soon! So far we haven’t had much of a flu season here.

  3. Zoe @ Pantry and Fridge

    Feel better soon 🙂

  4. I hope you recover soon, take your time and relax and you’ll feel better soon. What a nice cup of coffee, true coffee art!! It is incredible how they manage to create such wonderful designs with the milk, true artists! Big hug, Jürgen

  5. Glad to hear that you’re feeling better! That delicious looking cuppa can’t hurt 🙂

  6. I like this beautiful work of the barista. Nice one. I hope you are completely over this soon!

  7. Hi – I’m replying to a post you may a couple years ago. I am on a national hunt for ‘Henry the Cat’..the Seattle’s best mascot. You referred to this in a 2009 blog. Did you mean the ‘stuffed animal’ Henry with red/white striped shirt? Henry is the favorite of my 3 year old niece, and we are trying to find a back up for the one she has. In the meantime, we guard our current Henry with our lives. It’s along shot, but I thought I’d try. Best to you. Dawn

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