Coffee Break

I’ve been on a little blog break for a few days because I have the lingering crud that seems to be going around here. I missed a couple days of work and don’t remember a lot of last week but I think I’m coming back to the land of the living soon…


9 thoughts on “Coffee Break

  1. I hope you recover soon, take your time and relax and you’ll feel better soon. What a nice cup of coffee, true coffee art!! It is incredible how they manage to create such wonderful designs with the milk, true artists! Big hug, Jürgen


  2. Hi – I’m replying to a post you may a couple years ago. I am on a national hunt for ‘Henry the Cat’..the Seattle’s best mascot. You referred to this in a 2009 blog. Did you mean the ‘stuffed animal’ Henry with red/white striped shirt? Henry is the favorite of my 3 year old niece, and we are trying to find a back up for the one she has. In the meantime, we guard our current Henry with our lives. It’s along shot, but I thought I’d try. Best to you. Dawn


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