Mural Catch-Up

A few murals I haven’t shown you yet…This one is on Calle 16, which I have written about before as is the following one.

The next one I wrote about in a post almost exactly a year ago is also part of Calle 16. It was not quite completed at the time but now it is.

It’s got a 3-D thing going.

And this (above) is across from Calle 16.

The mural below is one I have mentioned several times, one that is overpainted every First Friday by Joe Pagac on Roosevelt Row. This was the December mural.

And the dumpster across the street…

There was a big article on the local murals in the Arizona Republic two Sundays ago, many of which I have featured on this blog. As Gennaro Garcia, one of the Calle 16 muralistas says, “”I hope to see more murals, not just graffiti, more murals with messages. Murals about diversity, about culture, murals that bring people together and educate them about their culture. That’s what I hope to see in Phoenix. I want to see young people paint for a change, to do something positive.”


12 thoughts on “Mural Catch-Up

  1. These are really amazing! I find the 3D image especially impressive! Thanks so much for sharing these.
    Thanks also for your kind comment at The CE:) I do appreciate it.


  2. A fine mural post! These are very interesting. I think it’s great that real art work is created instead of just more graffiti. I fine it amazing that one artist overpaints his mural each Friday!


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