The antique dresser…from 1929…

It pays to be buddies with the neighbors when they’re moving out-of-state and don’t want to take any furniture with them…after the inside furniture sale, there were some very nice items left that they didn’t want to just toss outside…so we took them off their hands. Nice of us, huh? They seriously did want us to take the stuff and, even though we didn’t need any of it, we couldn’t pass it up.

The nice, big sofa bed with a brand-new mattress…

The beautiful, new day bed…

The plush, comfy Indiana chair…

Now our fairly small house is jam-packed with furniture, stacked on end in the “spare” bedroom. But we all like the new stuff anyway.

“Thanks for all the new stuff to climb on and claw up!”


8 thoughts on “Hand-Me-Downs

  1. The kitties know you got all this just for them! That was good fortune for you and now you have sufficient furniture that you can have revolving living rooms. Fine shots.


  2. Everything’s lovely, esp the Indy chair! OurPeople’s favorite pieces of furniture are ones they’ve found curbside free-to-a-good-home. We especially like the nice oak table in the sunroom that’s big enough for three cat beddies! Hi and loud purring to all your kitties from us…RainbowCatsx8


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