Vintage Mock

Chirp (listen to the mockingbird).

I’ve taken (and posted) numerous shots of mockingbirds on our retro antenna, which now has no functional use other than a bird perch and lightning rod, so I “special effected” all of these in an attempt to not be totally redundant. Hours of fun. If you’re snowed in or bored, try them out.

#1 is a Kim Klassen free texture, #2 is a poladroid (a very fun and easy app), #3 is another free texture from whom I don’t recall now, maybe Shadowhouse Creations, #4 is the old newspaper technique (also very easy to use), and #5 is another Kim Klassen texture.


3 thoughts on “Vintage Mock

  1. I especially like the first one. I really miss seeing the mockingbirds: they were among my favorites when I lived there. Many times late at night I imitated some of their calls and they would answer me. Very pleasant memories!


  2. What a fun series! I especially like the first (subtle beauty) and second (color!!!!) images. You’re lucky to be able to hear their call.
    Have a great week!


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