Evolution of a Mural

This mural (above) by Lalo Cota on Roosevelt Row looked like this until recently:

He revamped it. I have to admit, I didn’t recognize the stereo as one of his trademark skulls on the original mural. A recent article in the Arizona Republic stated that Lalo Cota~whose numerous murals I have blogged about many times here~is the “official artist of Phoenix.” I concur, I love his work.

Just a few feet away is this interesting mural by Abrocreative/Soldierleisure.

It is on the side of MonOrchid, which is the building with the birds (by Brian Boner) on it that I have shown before.

And so is this geometric mural:

Across the alley, the geometric theme is repeated.

I also saw this same pattern on a coffeehouse a couple blocks away but I don’t know who the artist is (yet). *Update~see helpful comment below~JB Snyder is the artist.

Across the street from MonOrchid, on the back of an apartment building, Holgas, home to several well-known local artists through the years, is another mural by Abrocreative/Soldierleisure:

Apparently, another artist named Comer has overpainted some of it.

And finally, on the side of the building where the first mural is, there is a new one on the previously red wall that covered one of the Pabst commercial murals from a year and a half ago:

Gotta say, I don’t love it…maybe it could have been a little more attractive. But there’s a big expanse of empty red wall here so I’m thinking there is more to come…

*Update: this was a wheatpaste by Jetsonorama; however, it has now been removed and the building painted green, new business. Sadly, though, the boombox in the first photo was also overpainted green 😦 I never like to see Lalo’s stuff come down.


9 thoughts on “Evolution of a Mural

  1. A fine series of murals today! I wonder how the artists decide it is okay to overpaint another person’s work….or how long is a mural up before it’s redone.


  2. Phoenix has changed so much since I lived there…eons ago, 1961-65…I’m sure I would barely recognize it today. It’s such fun to see your posts of what’s going on artistically there now.

    In the “olden days” of early 60s, the biggest two events that I remember were 1) the Art Museum exhibit of the Thorne miniature rooms, which I absolutely loved. It was the beginning of my own wonderful dollhouse/roombox hobby.

    2) the statue of the man in front of the Museum whose hand was upturned and outstretched. Every now and then a beer can, a bunch of flowers, a book…many different items…would appear in that hand. On some occasions, when the sun rose, he would be found wearing dresses and hats. Good times!


  3. Would like to take a group on a bus trip around the graffiti art and murals. Could you help with addresses and any info I could use. We would be going in mid March.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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