I live in Arizona; I like the southwestern/Mexican influence. I love these tiles!

They are on a tile store that I pass everyday to and from work. They just recently added the tiles shown here. I would love to have a scene like this on the front of my house, probably not as elaborate since I’m sure it would be pricey, but maybe a butterfly or a hummingbird. This is not something you see often on the outside of houses; in fact, I don’t remember ever seeing anything like this anywhere I’ve been.

Soon I’m going to drop in and see if it’s possible to get something like that.

Incidentally, this is the store (One World Mexican Tile) that has the very cool Day of the Dead sculpture on its roof that I blogged about last Halloween.

Colorful place!


6 thoughts on “Covet

  1. Ooookay, this is one of those “whoa” moments! I spent a good part of my day at a Mexican tile store on the North side. I was on One World’s website this morning and almost drove down there. 🙂 I LOVE these tiles too. Re-doing our master bath and wanted to incorporate some of them into it somehow.

    I recently saw a backyard off of a golf course we frequent where they have used broken tiles to create large flowers coming up from the ground (about 4′) on their yard wall. I really love it and am planning on doing the same type of thing on our back wall along the pool. One World’s addition is beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing. What a giant little world we do live in 🙂 Crazy.


  2. Hi Candace,
    The color in your world is always a wonderful contrast to my somber one – esp. this time of year!!! These tiles look great and I agree, it would be so nice to have them on your/one’s house. You’ll have to tell us how they sit, cost-wise.
    Have a good week!


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