The Valentine State

Arizona has been referred to as the Valentine State because it was admitted to the union on February 14th. Today is not just any Valentine’s Day in Arizona, it is Arizona’s Centennial, 1912-2012! This is a 1912 map of Arizona I superimposed on a large saguaro in Papago Park, which is probably way over 100 years old.

Arizona was the last of the contiguous 48 states to be admitted to the union in 1912. It was another 47 years later that Alaska and Hawaii gained statehood.

Since I couldn’t think of anything fitting to honor Arizona’s 100th birthday, here are a few more photos (that I have taken the last 3 years) of cacti, which seem to be synonymous with Arizona.

prickly 1

Barrel Cactus 3


And, as an aside…here is Svengali’s valentine to everyone. I was trying to take a photo of a red boa in my front yard Sunday, a very windy day. All of a sudden Svengali came snooping around to see what was up. I thought that might make a cute valentine if he did something interesting. Little did I know that he would think I was preparing him a spot to, um, well, relieve himself. Fortunately, I grabbed the boa before he was able to implement his plan.

♥ Happy Valentine’s Day! ♥

Arizona State Flag showing state colors

♥ Happy Centennial Birthday, Arizona! ♥


10 thoughts on “The Valentine State

  1. Hi Candace,
    Happy AZ Centennial! You have celebrated and shared its beauty perfectly!!! I love all the color, form, and light here! Esp. the clear, bright light. I’m jealous.


  2. Very interesting history of Arizona’s admittance to the US.
    Nice series to celebrate that date too. I’m glad kitty was so helpful as you laid out the valentine!


  3. Cactus flowers are some of the most amazingly unexpected blooms! And I l*o*v*e*d Sven and his Valentine message. I belong to a FB cat group, so I shared it with them and I think I heard people cracking up all over the world. It got many, many likes!


  4. I didn’t know about the VAlentine state fact. Love the cactus flower pics. More please!

    By the way, there’s mosaic art and public bike art on my blog…to showcase Vancouver.


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