3 Years and Counting

Amidst Valentine’s Day and Arizona Centennial Day, another minor exciting (to me) event occurred…the third anniversary of my blog, my blogiversary! The actual date was February 13th. My last post, The Valentine State, was also my 350th post. So…to keep my tradition going, I am having a little giveaway as I did for my first and second blogiversaries to let you know I appreciate you.

Above is the official first day of issue stamp celebrating Arizona’s centennial, the newest Forever stamp. That’s Arizona’s State Bird, the cactus wren, perched there. This commemorative piece can be yours! And, since that doesn’t seem like much of a giveaway, I’ll also enclose a little surprise, something else Arizona-y. And…I’ll enclose a print of one of my recent photos, either this one or this one, whichever looks better printed. Maybe not the most thrilling giveaway but, hey, it’s free!

Everyone in the continental U.S. is eligible by leaving a comment. As in the past (year one and year two), one of my cats will choose the winner. It’s really Abbey’s turn but the boy cats always horn in when she’s trying to do something constructive. The winner will be chosen on February 26th so get those comments in and tell all your friends!

See what my darling husband, Tony, gave me for Valentine’s Day? This was our first year married, although our 18th Valentine’s Day together. We had a long courtship.

Here is Paul McCartney’s original song, My Valentine, which you may have seen him perform on the Grammys last week.

“Um, where’s my valentine?” asks Google. “Shouldn’t that say, For My Google?”

Incidentally, the Arizona Forever stamp is available for purchase everywhere in the U.S. now. You should get some 🙂

The stamp was done by Arizona artist, Ed Mell, and depicts Cathedral Rock in Sedona. Here’s another view of Cathedral Rock from last summer.

Thank you for reading my blog!


12 thoughts on “3 Years and Counting

  1. CONGRATULATIONS! 🙂 You inspire me.

    Thank you for sharing all the lovely things you experience in Arizona. Lots of them I’ve never seen, and I was born here. Makes me want to get out and experience my state a lot more. As a child my family always left the state got our vacations… as an adult I’ve just been “too busy” to go a whole lot. A bit sad, so thanks for reminding me how beautiful it is.
    Please keep writing, I’ll keep reading.


  2. Hi Candace,
    Congrats to you!!! 3 years of blogging is a lot of posts and photos – a commitment and an accomplishment!
    Here’s to many more years and a happy week:)


  3. Candace–thank you for all the inspiration and beautiful photos that you share here on your blog. Here’s to the next three years…may they be extraordinary! Happy Blogiversary!


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