A Trunk, A Cat, A Winner!

Abbey, it’s your turn this year to pick the blogiversary winner. How about using this pretty, girly little trunk?

“Okay, tell me what to do.”

Google says, “But I want to do it!”

Marbles says, “Fine with me, I’m busy anyway.”

Google sulks, “I’m a doer, not an observer.”

So, Abbey, here are all the contestants’ names in the trunk. How many contestants do we have?

“Um, as many claws as I have on one front paw and one back foot.” Okay, we have 9 contestants then.

How about a little catnip to make it more exciting? “Alright, score!”

These magic paws chose a winner at 11:36 am MST! Then she felt compelled to leave as Google came to horn in and get his share of nip.

Kara of Sunshine Cupcakes is the winner! Kara lives in Phoenix, too. Here is Kara’s prize package.

A first day of issue Arizona centennial stamp, an Arizona flag magnet, and a print of a fluffy mockingbird in my yard! Treasures, for sure! If you live in AZ, you just can’t have too much AZ stuff.

I had 3 Arizona natives as contestants: Kara, Kelli (currently living in Colorado), and Zoe.  I also had Terry as a contestant, who used to live in Arizona before he returned to his native Montana. Check out all their fun, informative, very diverse blogs. And look at all the other great blogs of all the contestants. Thank you to everyone for entering, commenting, and reading!

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