There was a community mural project last weekend in downtown Phoenix, on Roosevelt Row, right in the midst of the area where the majority of my mural photos have been taken over the last couple of years. In fact, it was at 2nd Street and Roosevelt which is how the project got its name, Ro2. Not only were some of the best-known local muralists (Lalo Cota, Gennaro Garcia, Thomas Breeze Marcus, Pablo Luna, Colton Brock, and Angel Diaz) painting, but they allowed members of the community and their children to join in.

Yes, I said Lalo Cota! If you’ve read my mural blog posts, you know that I love Lalo Cota’s work. He is known for his Day of the Dead (calaveras) murals. Here he is, and we met him. I’ll admit I was goofily starstruck. He is so nice, polite, and definitely knows his PR.

This is another vacant lot that the downtown community is beautifying and they have plans to do other projects in this lot aside from the mural.

I think this was specifically for little kids to paint.

We didn’t go until Sunday afternoon when the mural was almost complete but there were still a lot of people hanging around watching, painting, photographing.

The mural wall is attached to the side of MonOrchid, which I mentioned in a recent post. There is a mural in progress on this side of MonOrchid, too.

Even the sidewalk is colorful here.

This panel is on the opposite side of the wall that Lalo is painting.

And on the back side of MonOrchid, it looks like another new mural has begun. This whole area is now packed with murals. Everywhere you turn, you see another one but there’s still room for plenty more. This article provides more information about this project and the muralists.


14 thoughts on “Ro2

  1. There is really nothing else like all that color against that blue, blue sky. Someday I’ll get to Phoenix besides just flying over it on my way to Tucson!

    Thanks for your interesting comment on my blog. Who knew there was a rivalry between the “towns”!


  2. I think it’s remarkable that an artist will let kids or any other person assist in the painting! The work is so well done. Very creative with wonderful results. You are fortunate to have such a fine community improvement art work being added all the time.


  3. I enjoyed your photos as I always do, Candace. The muralists are incredibly good and I love the idea of making it a community thing too. What a great thing for that area!


  4. Hi Candace,
    Wow, it is so great that the arts are being supported in this way! These rich colored murals look fantastic against the vivid blue of your Southwest skies!
    Lucky you – enjoy:)


  5. Argh! Had a whole detailed comment all ready to post and the internet exploded.

    This is soooo cool! I’m so bummed I didn’t know about it ahead of time. I love your mural posts so much!


  6. See … in this one post, showing an artist at work, you’ve changed my perspective of “graffiti” muralists. I was always under the impression that they worked exclusively in spray paints (which is impressive on its own). But this guy Cota is a for-real artist! He just creates his works wherever he sees the need for one. Truly inspirational.

    Found your blog via the Photojojo forums, BTW. Great blog! Keep it up!


  7. Great post, and thanks for freshly pressed for giving your blog the attention it deserves! my little community in ecuador has just started an art awareness program, and murals are next in line.
    Thanks for a great website.



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