Vintage, Funky, & Shiny

We went to a street fair yesterday (the Melrose on 7th Avenue Street Fair) which is in an eclectic, arty, yet funky and unique historic area (the Melrose District) in central Phoenix, a couple miles from where we live. It’s known as a “trendy” area and features many antique shops, restaurants, coffeehouses, and other businesses. They always have a lot of classic cars at this event, and the usual vendor booths and food trucks but this year they were also billing “vintage trailers.” There weren’t really very many, probably less than 10, but old Airstreams, in particular, have always fascinated me. They’re just so interesting-looking, so retro and kitschy, and they reflect nicely, too.

This little one, below, made me wish I could have one in our backyard, not even to travel with necessarily, but just to have as a little studio, a place to relax, read, blog, nap in. Not very practical so I doubt that’s going to happen but it would be fun.

It was very ornate inside, a cushy bed on each side and a sitting area in the center, with all sorts of interesting wall and ceiling decor.

We have to have our little dreams.

We had a nice time on a beautiful early spring day in sunny Phoenix, saw not only cool trailers but beautiful classic cars (which you will see at a later date), ran into some people we know, and I met Kate from moderncat, a local blogger who has a commercially successful blog as well as a local studio where she develops and tests all sorts of cat-related products! And our cats got a new toy they love so it was a perfect day for all.

11 thoughts on “Vintage, Funky, & Shiny

  1. I just love these old trailers. This one looks so cute. I’m a sucker for vintage. Recently shopped for some vintage dresses online but didn’t buy a single one. I couldn’t believe the cost!!! Yikes. I should check this out soon. Looks like fun. 🙂


  2. Even the older trailers are loaded with almost everything anyone could want when traveling. No wonder people use them as additional, guest housing or place one by a lake. Nice series.


  3. WOW! The only one I saw was the Airstream. There were too many people around for me to get anything but a couple of ok-so-so shots, plus, the sun was glaring at me.
    Cool stuff!!!


  4. Oh I love the Melrose community! Bummed I missed this event… Wonderful pictures and I’m with you, that little airstream would be fabulous in the back yard. 🙂


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