Car Mascots

These are some shots from the same street fair where I took the photos of the vintage trailers.

Did you know hood ornaments are called car mascots in the UK? This is a Boyce MotoMeter above. From Wikipedia, “In the early years, automobiles had their radiator caps outside of the hood and on top of the grille which also served as an indicator of the temperature of the engine’s coolant fluid. The Boyce Motormeter Company was issued a patent in 1912 for a radiator cap that incorporated a thermometer that was visible to the driver with a sensor that measured the heat of the water vapor, rather than the water itself.”

Best reflection of the series (above).

Here’s the one that doesn’t quite fit with the group.

This is a 1937 Terraplane. Tony’s band is called Terraplane Station so I took a bunch of photos of this Terraplane. Maybe that will be a post for another day…


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