Calle 16 Flourishes

So, I was back at the huge mural project, Calle 16, the other day. I have written about it several times (1, 2, 3). Lots of new stuff there now. Calle 16 is not technically in the area referred to as “Downtown Phoenix,” where the majority of the other murals I have photographed are located. However, it’s only a couple miles away and many of the same muralists are active in both areas.

This is the building right next to the one below; you can see it on the left side of the above photo.

You can see that the building next to this now has the mural below as well as one on the side of the building.

This is actually the back of a new gallery called Por Vida, owned by muralists/artists Lalo Cota, Pablo Luna, and Thomas Breeze Marcus. I most recently wrote about Lalo here and I have mentioned all of them in the past. This is Angel Diaz’s work below.

You can see Lalo’s unmistakable style here.

Around the corner of the building, once again, Lalo is evident but this wall was also painted by El Mac, Kaper, and Fyce. El Mac is from Phoenix but has now become an international muralist/artist and I’ve written about him many times, too, including here.

This is the part done by El Mac last December when he was visiting Phoenix. He is now based in L.A., but travels all over the world doing commissioned art.

And here is the front of the building where the entrance to Por Vida is.

Just about a block south of this area, also on 16th Street (Calle 16), another large mural was just recently painted and I’ll show you some photos of it in a few days. Plus, there have been several new murals done in downtown Phoenix in just the last couple of weeks so I will probably get some shots of those this coming weekend.

Update: This post was Freshly Pressed on 3.28.12. Thank you, WordPress! This was my second FP. The first one is here.


86 responses to “Calle 16 Flourishes

  1. These are so flipping gorgeous! That’s all I have to say.

  2. What an amazing place! I definitely need to check it out 🙂

  3. Such striking work — love how the close-up of the man in shades looks so different than when you get farther back. Too cool!


  4. Amazing! I love seeing street art.

  5. Lovely graphic work here. Very nice detail on some of those murals…

  6. marysparacinobortel

    I live in Tempe, and have seen this before when downtown. It’s quite some talent!

  7. I just love your extensive collection of pictures and information on all the fantastic street/mural art and the artists we have around town… can’t wait to visit these soon! Also, …very awesome you got freshly pressed ~ congrats!

  8. Really beatiful photos 🙂 Best wishes

  9. Almost makes me want to move back to my home state. Hmmm….

    -Bryan Edenfield, Arizona born, Washington residing.

  10. Gorgeous art work. Wish I could travel and photograph.
    Congrats on being FPd! Enjoy the ride!

  11. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!
    I love the murals,Street Art is of the people and shows such a love of community with the stress on Unity.
    Beautiful shots of awesome work!

  12. Fabuloso! what beautiful artwork, i always love seeing all the raw talent from el barrio. 2 many young people just don’t have an outlet and this is how they release………………..thank you for sharing.

  13. This is simply amazing! I love how you not only showcase these beautiful works of art but you take the time to showcase the artists as well. I’ve never been to Phoenix, but I have a feeling I’m going to have to stop by soon and check out these amazing murals! Thanks for sharing and i”ll make sure I keep tabs on you!

  14. How wonderful. I love the idea that individuals have taken the time to try and make things just a little bit better. It’s so much better than mindless random graffiti which simply pollutes the environment.

  15. El Mac is awesome, studying myself and these are inspirational!

  16. If there’s something creative, this is it!! No more words to describe this gorgeous creativity!

    Please spare some time to check out my latest post –

  17. I like the way you are recording these murals for posterity through your wonderful photos.

  18. berry nice . . . in Reno NV there’s a nice collection of murals . . . the works are south of the Orchid strip club on the east side of Virginia Street and in the alley east of Virginia Street . . . worth a look if you’re up that way.

  19. i loved the stuff in your cover photo…very creative and interesting…and helpful too 🙂

  20. I got screw up in a simple photoshop editing. How can these guys can make such accurate paintings. aWeSoMe!!

  21. So cool

  22. Wonderful post.
    I can’t get over the amazing colours in your photographs!

  23. i live in a mural free country so it’s nice to see these pics

  24. This is a fine collection of amazing art work in mural form. I’m still impressed with the on-going variety of murals all over your town.

  25. I lived in Phoenix in the 70’s and again in the mid 90’s. This wasn’t around then. It is nice to see. Thanks for writing about it.

  26. maryfollowsthelamb

    Excellent. So vibrant and full of life!

  27. Great shots of this fabulous wall art!

  28. Wow this is amazing!

  29. The murals are truly beautiful. I take my hat off to those who have artistic skills like this.

  30. I love street art. This place looks amazing, a little far to travel from London though. One of my favourites is the UK street artist Banksy.

  31. Fabulous work. Congrats for being freshly pressed.

  32. Jual Minyak Zaitun

    really beautiful grafiti. graffiti art is challenging. you can take great pictures with the appropriate

  33. Those are wonderful! Some people don’t approve of such murals–they liken them to graffiti. But that is not graffiti–it clearly is art, and it beautifies otherwise ugly walls.

  34. That is a great graffiti

  35. russelllindsey

    Reblogged this on Ramblings of a Misguided Blonde and commented:
    Amazing murals. It makes me miss the southwest.

  36. Woooweee! This is the best street art I’ve ever seen yet!
    I mean it.

  37. such beauty and talent!!! Very awesome :0))

  38. So amazing! I love seeing street art.
    Extensive collection of pictures and information on all the fantastic street/.
    Thanks for share.

  39. What vibrant–and slightly scary!–street art!

  40. Thanks! Wouldn’t have seen it, if it wasn’t for you.

  41. I love the murals! Thank you for sharing.

  42. Adorei os grafites… trabalhos lindos,parabéns!!


  43. Awesome mural project. You might be interested in the different types of murals we saw in Belfast, Northern Ireland last year:


    Larissa and Michael

  44. Awesome murals. You might like the ones we saw last year in Belfast, Northern Ireland:



  45. Kristien Del Ferraro

    Love the Day of the Dead feel to those!

  46. Haha! Watching this again!

    Maybe that proves how wonderful the post is!

    Please spare some time and hover over to

  47. thats amazing! all the beautiful styles, and colors. congrats on freshly pressed, and love these!

  48. Gorgeous art work. Wish I could travel and photograph.

  49. waw!! where it’s? 😀

  50. Beautiful works.

  51. Hey. I love this blog, so I am passing to you the Kreativ Blogger Award. My hopes is that you’ll accept the award, and follow the custom of then paying it forward to 15 others. Nice place you’ve got here. ~Jan

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  53. the two emilys

    these are stunning, have a look at some slightly smaller scale graffiti art –

  54. Wow these are amazing! I love street art murals like these… They must take a lot of skill and they really add character to a place. So far removed from the kind of mindless graffiti that’s just a swearword or nickname sprayed across a wall…

  55. Amazing! Thanks so much for sharing. I’ve only been to Phoenix once years ago but didn’t get to see anything like this.

  56. colour is what the world needs, great

  57. I saw a documentary on Calle 16 not long ago. I love Street Art!

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  59. I really love street art, just back from Melbourne Australia and my last post shows some of the street art from there. Just a pity a lot of levels of government say all graffiti/street art is vandalism. It definitely has its place, and can be a real boost to the community.

  60. I rather enjoyed browsing through your blog…visiting my old home-town. Lived there for over 20 years…have been up in Salt Lake for almost two. Thank you for stopping-by my blog this morning.



  62. Street art’s a beautiful form of art that’s fortunately now making its way into the main stream and also the artist’s pockets. It’s thanks to artists and bloggers a like so from a UK artist I bid a warm thankyou to all helping to push work out our work into the world and drawing attention to it with brilliant blogs like this. I tip my hat to you friends and bid you all keep up the work.

  63. This is beautiful street art.

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  66. Diane Rapaport

    love these photos .. .especially of the Calle 16 project. You have quite the eye.

  67. How cool that you were freshly pressed! I visit Mexico a lot and this reminds of their street art, except what you have shown is more polished than what I typically see. Great shots!

  68. This art work is amazing as is your photography. I just discovered your blog today 🙂 I am so happy to have found it. I will be visiting the Phoenix area next week and hope to see some of the art you have featured in your blogs. I am so excited to have found your blog and thank you for posting!
    Dee at DLM

  69. Freshly pressed again! 🙂

    I like it when plain old walls are made bearable; ditto neighbourhoods. Great captures.

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