El Barrio

Did you think this was another mural by Lalo Cota? Looks like one but it’s actually a painting by Lalo Cota. And it’s ours!

Sunday night Tony and I went to Barrio Cafe to celebrate one year of wedded bliss (since we were married on April Fool’s Day, 2011) after 17 years of unwedded bliss. It was multi-award-winning Chef Silvana Salcido Esparza’s vision that was the impetus for the Calle 16 mural project back in 2009/2010. The food is unbelievably awesome.

So the room we were seated in was full of Lalo Cota paintings and, since I love Lalo’s work, it was very tempting to bring one home as an anniversary gift to ourselves. There was a beautiful small one that I really wanted but it was already sold. The one above was right next to our table and I faced it throughout our meal. By the time the meal was over, it was sold, too…to us. I hope it’s the first of many we buy, really, and I would love to be able to buy the work of some of the other muralistas. Our waiter was Hugo Medina, a very nice and extremely accomplished artist, former art teacher, and co-founder of Calle 16. His show will be going up at the Barrio Cafe in a few days. Check out this video about the mural project featuring Hugo.

In other news~since I haven’t posted for a few days, taking full advantage of my last post (about Calle 16) being Freshly Pressed and remaining on the front page for 5 days~my strawberry jar which used to look like this…

Now looks like this…

It is filled with plumbago and vinca, two heat-tolerant plants (we’ll see if heat-tolerant really refers to Arizona heat). Actually, I have had vinca before and it does well in the summer. I’ve never tried plumbago, though. This is vinca…

And the cacti that I originally bought for the strawberry jar but were too big to poke through the pockets now reside here…

“Careful. The beverage you are about to enjoy is extremely prickly.”

And I couldn’t resist using the Warhol effect on the Lalo painting; something about the bright colors reminded me of Warhol. I didn’t realize until today that you can do it in a couple of easy steps in Photoshop Elements.

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog.


8 thoughts on “El Barrio

  1. Congrats on your wedded bliss! Also, please join Lalo Cota and Por Vida Gallery for Mando Rascon’s opening reception on Friday, April 6th, 2012. I have had the honor of previewing his work tonight as he prepares for the show and it has been some of the most amazing work I’ve laid eyes on!


  2. Hi Candace,
    Sounds like you had a very sweet anniversary! To have a painting to remember and celebrate the day makes it even better. The Warhol look is fun 🙂
    Have a super week!


  3. What a gorgeous painting! I’d love to own one one day – maybe next year we’ll buy ourselves one to celebrate buying our first home! (Still working on that.)

    The Barrio is so great. Happy anniversary!!


  4. You made your anniversary a very special time. I like the one you took home! Neat way to remember the date! Excellent shots of your bowl and how nice it looks at the present. The cactus blossom is very pretty too. A very interesting post…as always. All the best for a happy future!


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