Last weekend when we rode on the Verde Canyon Railroad in Clarkdale, we couldn’t resist stopping in Cottonwood, the next town over, before heading home to Phoenix. It was early evening but still light and Cottonwood is one of those quaint and charming little towns with nice cafés, fun bars, and cool antique stores all around.

Barb, Jere, and I checked out a few shops while Tony and Craig had a couple beers and then we joined them for dinner (and more beers). It was the local high school’s prom night so there was a lot of action downtown and it was fun to sit on the patio and watch the night life in this little town of 12,000 before heading back to the big city.

I wish I had taken more photos but I wasn’t really planning on taking any at all there. By the end of dinner, a couple of us were thinking how fun it would be to have a little vacation home or condo in Cottonwood. It’s about 8-10 degrees cooler than Phoenix in the summertime and very close to Sedona, Prescott, and Jerome, all interesting, beautiful places to go to beat the heat.

And, yes, they’re big on wine and chocolate there so what’s not to like?

With all the activities in Cottonwood, combined with all there is to do in the surrounding towns, I don’t think we’d be bored there at all, and it’s less than a 2 hour drive to Phoenix. I’m still keeping that as a little dream for now.


9 thoughts on “Cottonwood

  1. Someone else from Phoenix just posted about visiting that town as well. It looks lovely. Lately my attention span for reading blogs has become a bit limited but I always welcome yours. We all have to hang onto our little dreams, no matter what and your blog helps me do that. I love looking at all your photos. I am living out west “virtually” through your blog. Thank you.


  2. I think your photos are so beautiful. Being a resident and merchant, I have to say they speak volumes while capturing a still beauty and some very tiny details that otherwise might be overlooked.


    1. And that second photo is from your very lovely store, I think. Beautiful building with that gorgeous fireplace and chandelier and the antiques were awesome. One of my friends bought liqueur glasses there.


  3. Hello! I have the antique shop that is located inside Bonne Lait! I love the photo of the blue depression glass! Thanks for sharing such a lovely blog and photos of Old Town Cottonwood!


  4. Sounds like a great place to visit. I’ll have to look this up on a map. Fine series of these interesting places. Thanks for taking us along to see some of Cottonwood.


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