de la Rosa

Before and After…

Yes, I bought another Lalo Cota piece. This is the original one that I wanted the night we bought our first Lalo at Barrio Café. However, it was already sold. A few days ago, we drove over to Calle 16 because I knew that the mural on the back of the gallery had been overpainted. Por Vida Gallery (Lalo’s gallery along with Thomas Breeze Marcus and Pablo Luna) happened to be open so we dropped in and met the lovely Leilani, Lalo’s significant other. I mentioned how I had wanted the little yellow one but it was sold and she said the deal had fallen through and went and got it for us to look at. So I bought it (I’m done with art purchases for awhile now).

Have you ever had a de la Rosa? We hadn’t but Leilani offered us some. They’re delicious, a marzipan/peanut confection. You can buy them on if you can’t find them in your area. Lalo likes using found objects to make his art; hence the de la Rosa box.

So here is our Lalo area at home:

This is a postcard that Lalo sent after our first purchase. I have a lot of other Frida Kahlo stuff so it fits right in.

And this is the back of the gallery (on Calle 16) as it appeared a few weeks ago. Before…

And this is what it looks like now, by Kaper and Shewp. See them painting it here. After…

Check out this cool 1-minute video of Lalo painting part of Calle 16.

Thanks to Phoenix Taco, where I first saw this video. Many more murals to come in the next few days…


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