Moondancing & Sky Fallings

I made a half-hearted attempt to get some Supermoon shots but it was dark out there! I was fiddling with my tripod, the remote, trying to do manual settings, had several cats wandering around the tripod legs, and I don’t have a long telephoto so they were pretty mediocre. At least I caught a fairy moondancing, though. They especially like Supermoons.

In other sky news this week, I took Wednesday off from work and was at home. I heard a lot of prolonged noise and finally went outside and looked up.

We always have a lot of helicopter action in our ‘hood in central Phoenix. We live right off a freeway so any time there are accidents on the freeway, the helicopters are up there. And the police helicopters seem to be up there quite often, too, so hearing helicopters is routine. But there were a bunch of them and they just hung there for a long time. They were facing away from the freeway so I went in and looked online and saw that a helicopter had crashed into a house about 3 blocks from us!

Fortunately, the 2 men aboard did not have life-threatening injuries, no one on the ground was hurt, and the 2 houses that were damaged were still “livable.” And coincidentally, my friend Michelle’s husband (they live 3 blocks north of us) was in their front yard, heard the helicopter malfunctioning, looked up and saw it heading right toward him. He and 2 City of Phoenix employees, who were working in a closeby alley, were the first on the scene and got the 2 men out of the helicopter, which was still running. Those 3 were presented with awards from the City of Phoenix on Friday for their heroism.

The streets were blocked off and I would have felt ghoulish hoofing it in with a camera so these are my only shots of the scene:

But here are a couple of shots of the actual scene, taken by the news people:

(Jack Kurtz, Arizona Republic)

(12 News)


The helicopter was a small 2-seater. The passenger was an aerial photographer and was mostly concerned about his camera at the scene. It, too, survived. I wonder if he’ll be able to get into a helicopter again. I wouldn’t but what do you do when that’s your livelihood?

5 thoughts on “Moondancing & Sky Fallings

  1. A fine account and pictures of this accident. They were very lucky to survive that. I guess, if we could walk and talk, we’d all be concerned about our equipment. 🙂


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