Gold, Oil, Drugs

Provocative, isn’t it?

And it’s by Lalo Cota. It’s on the other side of Carly’s Bistro from this, also by Lalo, Breeze, and Pablo Luna.

Across the street, and down the alley in Roosevelt Row, here is a mural by Griffin One, on the back of Jobot (a coffeehouse).

A few steps away, here is the commissioned mural by Joe Pagac that changes most months, although this shot was taken in late April so it looks like it was up for 2 months at least:

You can see more of Joe’s past murals at this link.

See the green building circled below?

It’s next to MonOrchid and used to look like this in the front:

And looked like this before that (by Lalo Cota):

The green building is now called GreenHaus Phoenix, a gallery and boutique. Well, the long side wall on the other side that you cannot see in these pictures used to look like this:

And before it had the above wheatpaste by Jetsonorama, it had a commercial and controversial Pabst Blue Ribbon mural on it. Now the new owners are commissioning a mural for this long wall, asking for proposals and renderings, and they, along with some other established Roosevelt Row merchants will choose the winner. I’m not sure if any of the murals I’ve blogged about before have had this kind of a start but it will be interesting to see what they select…if they choose one of our well-known local muralists or someone altogether new on the scene. You can see for yourself on their Facebook page. The deadline for submissions is May 14 so we should know pretty soon.


3 thoughts on “Gold, Oil, Drugs

  1. A fine post about the new murals and the prospect of having the beer mural replaced with something less questionable. I’d like to see these in person some day.


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