We’re heading into the time of year in Arizona where I will be experiencing something like what many of you felt in the cold of winter…a lack of desire to get out and take photos. It sometimes is just too hot to want to grab the camera and brave the elements.

So…even though I did take some photos today, I have been looking through my “archives” of the past year and trying to find suitable blogging material to help get me through the rough times ahead. These were taken last summer in Sedona at the same time as the ones in these posts (1, 2). Yes, they have murals, too! This mural is at beautiful (and generally pricey) Tlaquepaque. I like all the different elements of Sedona represented in the big mountain lion below (click to enlarge).

These little guys, dreaming of salmon, are also at Tlaquepaque.

This is what we were at Tlaquepaque for…

Oak Creek Brewery, a microbrewery and restaurant with a lot of really good beers. This was the view from our table.

Wish I could transport myself there right now because it’s fairly miserable here today…and it’s just the beginning. Tomorrow’s forecast is 109.


3 thoughts on “Tlaquepaque

  1. 109! I still remember those days. We hit 86 one day last week here and I just about died. Strange, isn’t it: here the winters are harsh and there, the summers.


  2. A fine set of pictures of this interesting place. I like the bears and those glasses at the brewery are very attractive. I like their long slender look! I can’t imagine those temperatures. It’s 52° and a “wear a coat to coffee” kind of day.


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