This is just a set of random photos with no relation to each other. They were all taken at various locations in central Phoenix. The one above is downtown by the Phoenix Public Market. I just liked the textures and shadows. Looks better enlarged.

The bathtub is in the historic Melrose District.

This is the shadow of our mesquite tree on our rusty old shed.

These grasses grow all over out here, I don’t know their specific name.

This is the Phoenix Public Market Urban Grocery and Wine Bar which just closed a few days ago. It was a non-profit. However, a local chef/owner at another restaurant has purchased it and will reopen it in October with a different business model. They will still highlight local produce, though, and meantime, the Farmers’ Markets and Food Truck Fridays will continue outside. There’s a cool mural by Joseph Sentrock Perez on the back of the building which I wrote about here.

This was flying over our house. I prefer Pacifico Time or Corona Time to Miller Time but it’s a good idea for the upcoming long weekend. It’s going to be 84 for a high here on Saturday and only 90 on Sunday so I hope to get a lot of photos, among other things.


5 thoughts on “Potpourri

  1. Wonderful light and shadow in the first photograph, Candace!
    It sounds like you will have a great weekend weather-wise. We are hoping for the same here in NY. It’s been raining for days. 😦
    Have a great day ahead.


  2. I liked the random sequence of images! I also do this with my pictures!

    The four elements are present in them: fire, water, earth and air!

    I like the texture and the sunlight on the white wall, the opening stops the default, and that’s good.

    The tub that turned into a planter, it’s a good idea!

    I love the soft colors on the wall of the old barn, I feel like being there, to behold the light!

    I like to walk on the grass, and those shrubs remind me of the fragrances of nature in my childhood!

    Public markets are good places to talk with people about life! The flowers provide a delicate touch to the building!

    And finally the airplane takes us to new travel photography!

    Greetings from Brazil!


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