I’ve mentioned Thomas Breeze Marcus before. He is an often-time collaborator with Lalo Cota and the two of them, along with Pablo Luna, own Por Vida Gallery. This is Phoenix Rising, the tallest mural in town, right in the heart of downtown Phoenix. Here you can get an idea of its scale.

This is what Breeze says about it on his website:

This Phoenix bird represents the everyday people who live, work and just try to get by each day with the struggles of just being themselves. It’s a symbol of strength that says consciously “RISE ABOVE” or elevate our own minds with knowledge, wisdom, focus and respect. It’s meant to be all of us connected to one another, representing unification, beauty and love as a community and people, no matter what our background.

Here is another of his murals, on Roosevelt Row, the arts district. It is called Moadak.

This is what he says about it:

The Original Inhabitants of the valley are my people, The Akimel O’odham (River People), and we are descendants of the HuHuGam (HoHoKam) who also lived in the valley thousands of years before any other culture/civilization. This mural is a tribute to our mountain we call Moadak (Greasy Mountain), which is known as South Mountain to the non O’odham people of the valley.

Moadak or “Greasy Mountain” as it’s known in our O’odham Niok, is traditionally a sacred mountain in our HimDak (way of life). The story of I’toi or the elder brother, who is the Man inside the Maze, watches over us and in the Akimel O’odham belief, his home is on top of Moadak. The Man in the Maze symbol represents the circle of life, and the decisions we make as we journey through it.

Here are a few other of Breeze’s murals, which I have previously shown here.

This (above) was at the Ro2 Community Mural Project in February.

And this is on Calle 16, which I wrote about here. I think that it represents the Danza de los Voladores.

And here’s one from a couple of years ago that was a collaboration of Breeze, Lalo Cota, and Pablo Luna. Back when I took this photo (below) almost 2 years ago, I didn’t know who did what other than Lalo’s part but now I recognize all their styles. And I’m pretty sure that a few others in this post are also collaborations with Breeze and Lalo.

Breeze, Lalo, and Pablo Luna just had an opening at their gallery last Friday, First Friday. Unfortunately, I had a previous commitment because I really would have liked to attend.

Read Breeze’s interesting bio here.

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