Best time to shoot the moon handheld? Daytime! I love when the moon is out in the day.

Best place to have a cup of coffee while you mural-watch?

White Sage Espresso on Calle 16! Plus one of the owners is a psychic and I heard they did a ritualistic burning of white sage upon moving into this quaint 1920’s bungalow. Too bad they’re not open on Sundays, though.

Best place to watch snacks on wings (which they rarely try to actually catch, fortunately)?

“In the shade of the silk oak tree,” says Grady, perfectly camouflaged.

Her sister, Stripey, concurs.

Best place (not) to take a nap when it’s over 100 out? Leave it to Google.

Best thing to accompany my Lalo Cota paintings?

Breeze’s Monarch, which is now mine! Since they collaborate so much, I felt I needed a piece by Thomas Breeze Marcus, too.

Best tequila bottles ever for someone who loves Day of the Dead stuff? Kah! They cost a bundle, though. Fun website, too.

One of America’s best colleges/universities?

Arizona State University, my alma mater! Also the biggest public university campus in the US? Arizona State University’s Tempe Campus with a 2011 fall enrollment of 59,794! And that is just one of 4 ASU campuses in the metro Phoenix area. Total 2011 ASU enrollment? 72,254…making it the largest public university in the US by enrollment. These photos were taken at the downtown Phoenix campus, which did not exist yet when I went to ASU decades ago.

Best app for making a mediocre photo kinda funky? Poladroid, as seen in the 2nd photo of this post.


4 thoughts on “Bests

  1. Nice! I was eye-balling that day moon and thinking I should give it a shot, but that’s as far as it went… great capture! Wasn’t aware of the White Sage Espresso… shall have to pay a visit!


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