Sunflowers, Orchids, and Birds

These sunflowers are on the back of monOrchid, a gallery I’ve written about before in downtown Phoenix. They are done by a new-to-me muralist, Isaac N. Caruso. He just recently graduated from Northern Arizona University with a BFA in Visual Communication and he is making his presence known in Phoenix now.

You can see the grasshopper from my last post here.

I could only photograph from outside the fence so the chainlinks are smudging up some of these photos.

This mural honors, of course, the Valley of the Sunflowers, a couple of blocks away which is now in its final harvest (you can see a slideshow of the harvest here).

The reason that this mural is currently fenced in is because this burned out historic building is being restored.

I went around to another side of monOrchid that I had photographed before and there was Isaac N. Caruso himself putting some finishing touches on the orchid.

He also painted the bird for the brand new Songbird Coffee & Tea House, which is in the front of monOrchid.

(This is Songbird’s photo above.)

I think we are going to be seeing a lot more of Isaac on the walls of Phoenix.

*Update: I guess Isaac liked the photos because he is now using the second one from the bottom as his profile pic on his Facebook page. Cool.


5 thoughts on “Sunflowers, Orchids, and Birds

  1. The art of these folks is very good, interesting and just plain fun! I appreciate your photos and information about it. Sure different than when I lived there!


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