Together Again

Yes, another mural by collaborators Lalo Cota and Thomas Breeze Marcus. Funny, but I had seen photos of this and didn’t know where it was. It is also on Calle 16 but farther south and I guess that is not a street that I used to go that far south on regularly.

Lalo’s calavera and car and Breeze’s organic designs are trademarks of both artists.

Even the irrigation box was included in the mural (and it’s by former Phoenix, now LA muralist, Jorael Elliott).

The mural is on the side of a building housing The Hive (a gallery) and The Bee’s Knees, a shop that sells art, clothing, all sorts of cool items.

And these are on the front of the building:

Here is the bee that I showed a couple of posts ago.

And this is a new mural called the Nectar of Life by Katie Beltran and Amanda Adkins. It’s not quite finished.

Check out Breeze’s website to see what he and some other artists are up to this summer in the Navajo Nation.


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